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Accredited Training Institutions


Accredited Training Institutions


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The VETERANS MEMORIAL MEDICAL CENTER (VMMC) has been established for more than 60 years. The goal of VMMC is to deliver excellent medical care for our Veteran heroes’ and the Filipino people. For six decades, it provided a wide range of medical service that promotes an equitable patient care. One of its missions is to deliver an innovative, dynamic and competitive education and training medical program. Hence, VMMC takes pride in its reputation in the management of Urology and Geriatrics.

Its Urology program started on 1955, spearheaded by Medical Director Dr. William Valdez together with Dr. Bonifacio Cabahug, who eventually became the Chairman of the Section of Urology under the Surgery Department. In 1957, the training program was accredited by the Philippine Board of Urology. Its first graduate is Dr. David Abraham, who up to this date is an active member of the staff. VMMC Section of Urology has mentored and produces over 50 urologists around Metro Manila and the provinces. Today, it faithfully continues to serve our Veteran heroes and the Filipino people in terms of excellence in modern Urologic care. It is up to date in terms of technological and scientific advances in diagnosis and management through Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Medical research.


The Veterans Memorial Medical Center, Section of Urology is a distinguished Urology training institution in the Philippines.

Its mission is to provide the highest standard of urological care for Veterans and their dependents.

The goal is to pursue the vast advancements in urologic technologies through Continuing Medical Education and Scientific research, here and abroad. As a dynamic urology training institution, we produce God-fearing, compassionate, and competent urologic specialists.


The Veterans Memorial Medical Center, Section of Urology’s vision is:

  • To be the leading Urologic institution in the Philippines which caters to Filipino Veterans and their dependents to deliver world-class urologic care.
  • To be internationally recognized as a distinct and established Urologic facility and training institution for Urologists in Asia in 5 years.


The Section of Urology under the Department of Surgery was established in the same year VMMC was inaugurated.

The section provides diagnostic and therapeutic urologic procedures such as prostate biopsy, cystoscopy, renal and renal stone surgeries, prostate and bladder surgeries and currently offering minimally invasive procedures such as laparoscopy and percutaneous nephrolithotomy. In addition, our section is also offering urodynamic studies to aid in the diagnosis of complicated urologic cases.

We are also equipped with a laser, pneumatic, and ultrasonic for the treatment of stones. Being a geriatric tertiary training hospital, VMMC caters to the biggest number of prostate cases in the country.

The training program is accredited for four years from January 2017 up to December 2020. It has an exchange Residency program among senior residents with National Kidney and Transplant Institute, and outside rotation in East Avenue Medical Center and Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center.

Staff Members

  1. Alfredo S. Uy, Jr., M.D., FPUA, DPBU Section Chief 
  2. Eli Paul F. Madrona, M.D., FPUA, DPBU Assistant Section Chief
  3. Rodney M. Del Rio, M.D., FPUA, DPBU Active Consultant
  4. Meliton D. Alpas, III M.D., FPUA, DPBU Training Officer
  5. Karl Marvin M. Tan, M.D., FPUA, DPBU Active Consultant
  6. David A. Abraham, M.D., FPUA, DPBU             
  7. Gavino N. Mercado,Jr. M.D., FPUA, DPBU                       
  8. Juan Godofredo R. Bardelosa III, M.D., FPUA, DPBU      
  9. Frances Monette P. Bragais, M.D., FPUA, DPBU             
  10. Paul B. Espina, M.D., FPUA, DPBU                                  
  11. Hermenegildo Jose B. Zialcita, M.D., FPUA      
  12. Michael D. Panganiban, M.D. FPUA, DPBU                      
  13. Neddy L. Lim M.D., FPUA, 
  14. Martin J. Reyeg M.D., FPUA, DPBU                                  
  15. Euan T. Sanchez M.D., FPUA, DPBU      
  16. Bennie Catangay M.D, FPUA, DPBU       
  17. Patrick Joseph Matias M.D, FPUA, DPBU  

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