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Trials “Tailor-made” for Filipinos

Since the existence of the Philippine Urological Association, research has been one of its priorities.  We believe that the progression of clinical practice should be guided by evidence-based medicine through research, lead by training institutions, or individually by a clinical practitioner. 

The Association encourages researchers to spearhead trials “tailor-made” for the Filipino patients in order to greatly impact disease outcome.

Upcoming Events

Advances in Robotic Urology: an Echo from the ARUS 2022

Advances in Robotic Urology: an Echo from the ARUS 2022

Good day Doctor! Philippine Urological Association, in partnership with HI-Eisai Pharmaceutical Inc., cordially invites you to a live webinar on "Advances in Robotic Urology: an Echo from the ARUS 2022" by Dr. Dennis Serrano on February 2, 2021, Wednesday at 6pm.    ...

EAU Philippine Chapter OAB Masterclass Series Day 1

EAU Philippine Chapter OAB Masterclass Series Day 1

The European Association of Urology Philippine Chapter (EAU PH) will be holding a series of scientific sessions regarding Overactive Bladder in the Elderly.  This webinar series which is a continuum of the SEA-UREP will be conducted in close coordination with the...

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